407ETR MATTERS: What to Do If You Are In Plate Denial & Went Bankrupt


By Tammy Flores
January 15th, 2014 Edition

Last week you’ll recall we informed you on an exciting decision made by the Appeal Court of Ontario. 407ETR is not exempt from the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act. This means the Ministry of Transportation is to release people who have claimed bankruptcy with a 407ETR debt from Plate Denial.

Members of the group, Stop the 407ETR’s Abuse of Power, that had been in Plate Denial, although having had claimed bankruptcy, have had mixed responses on how to go about getting their plates reinstated.

One member of the group, Tracey, wrote 407ETR requesting that they reinstate her plate and got the following response from Marion Richardson, Personal Bankruptcy Rep., and Collections Department for 407ETR:

“Regarding The Appeal Court of Ontario’s decision, 407ETR is currently seeking from the Ontario Court of Appeal a Stay. In the interim, 407ETR prefers not to take any steps regarding matters covered by the Court of Appeal decision until the issue of the Stay and any Appeal has been decided. If you wish to be removed from Plate Denial at this time, you will have to pay the full amount owing to 407ETR (including any pre-bankruptcy amounts) or make an arrangement with 407ETR to pay a lesser amount.”

At this point, 407ETR has no legal basis to keep somebody in Plate Denial that has gone bankrupt. It doesn’t matter what they “prefer”. They are currently breaking the law!

Another member of the group, Peter Teolis, who is named on the Class Action documents against 407ETR, contacted Service Ontario to see if his Plate Denial was lifted and reported on the group FaceBook page:

“I called Services Ontario to inquire on my plate denial. IT IS GONE. IT IS GONE. IT IS GONE. IT IS GONE. IT IS GONE. I can live as a human again and get my plates back on my car…Round One goes to the good guys!”

In lieu of the mixed responses, Stop the 407ETR’s Abuse of Power has asked people that have claimed bankruptcy and remain in Plate Denial to contact their trustee as well as Service Ontario.

Also, readers have been writing in wishing to add their names to the Class Action lawsuit against 407ETR on behalf of Bankrupts. If you wish to be added to Scarfone Hawkins LLP’s database of claimants please email cyates@shlaw.ca

You can also contact Scarfone Hawkins LLP by telephone (905) 526-4394 or by fax (905) 523-5878. Due to the volume of inquiries, please allow one week for a response.


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