A3C Music Festival

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A3C (All 3 Coasts) is a hip-hop music festival that happens in Atlanta, Georgia every year, usually on or around the first weekend in October. While there are many official A3C stages, there are also many opportunities for Indie artists to shine and taste some of the spotlight. Many promoters in Atlanta organize Indie artist showcases and also create opportunities for independent artists to open for bigger name independent artists. While the main festivities happen at the Georgia Freight Depot, the rest of the city is also abuzz with activity. That weekend also hosts the Annual ATL Hip-Hop Fest at Woodruff Park In downtown Atlanta, as well as the Sweet Auburn Music Festival. But as an independent artist, all you have to do is walk up Auburn, Edgewood Avenue, or Peters Street and you can meet everyone you need to know, from celebrities to promoters, to industry execs, radio stations, and tons of Indie artists.

When going to A3C you will meet many people, and this being my third time down for the festival, I was able to come back and meet up with great people that I have met over the last two years and kept in contact with. First off when you’re going to a hip-hop festival, everybody is showing up dressed in their best hip-hop gear, and so should you. If you’re looking to get custom shirts with your logo on it (which I highly recommend) then you need to head over to Tees and Quotes, located at 244 Peters Street, SW Atlanta, GA 30313. When you go in ask for Miss O. She will take great care of you. After that I know you’re going to be looking for radio play for your new single, so hit up my people from the Open Mic show on Highly Unique Radio. The contact people are @kingd85nawf and @name_poppin_like_crisco on Instagram. Tell them DT sent you and you will get the family treatment. Not only do they have access to radio, but they are both well connected throughout the city and can get you access to shows, promoters, and even photo shoots with National Media Arts. Another great tool to use towards getting shows and knowing what’s happening around the city during this time is eventbrite.com, put the location to Atlanta, and type in A3C, and you will have access to most of what is going on. Be prepared, you never know who you might run into in Atlanta during A3C.

Lastly a little advice on things to bring with you. In Atlanta hip-hop is taken very seriously, and artists go the extra mile, don’t be surprised when you see cars, vans, trucks, and even buses wrapped with pictures and info about independent artists. So here is an A3C preparedness starter kit if you intend to head to Atlanta next year. 1) Have business cards made with your contact info. 2) Have flyers made. 3) Bring CDs with your music (yes artists still give those out) 4) Have t-shirts with your brand, or a partnership brand that you work with. 5) Have your camera or your phone always charged and ready to go. 6) Bring your performance tracks on your USB key and be always ready to perform. 7) Have a budget. Many of the shows that are going on have a cost to perform, so prepare a budget in advance. If you are looking for a cheaper route, there are also many open mics that happen in and around the Atlanta area. Some places to check out include Apache Café and Sweet Water.

A3C is the time to meet all the right people and be seen by all of the right people. So make sure when you head to A3C you’re prepared in advance to take advantage of all the festival has to offer. See you next year A3C. 


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