Making The Soundtrack For The City: T Major



One of the city’s favourite producers, T Major is building the soundtrack for the city. Starting off as a producer, T Major has spent time working with artists such as Hype, Dusty Wallace, Dre Barrs and Gee Wunder to name a few. As his production reputation started growing, out of necessity T Major learned to DJ, which kicked open the doors for more major opportunities. The Founder of EME, Ether Muzik. T Major brings a wealth of skill and knowledge to the Toronto music scene. His experience has led him to create new paths and build on opportunities for up and coming artists in the city of Toronto.

As a producer, T Major has released a few beat tape projects, where he produces instrumentals to showcase his skills, and puts them up for sale. His previous productions include The World is Major, The world is Major 2, and Listening Session. With no signs of slowing down, T Major is constantly learning and upgrading his skills. When you talk to T Major you get to find out that he is really a people person, walking around the city with him makes you feel like you’re walking around with the Hood Mayor. T Major is very well known and very well respected around the city. Through his djing, he has been the on-call DJ for many promoters when popular celebrities come into the city.

T Major has also taken on the tumultuous task of now doing live productions at events. Meaning he produces an entire instrumental in front of a crowd. Often having a cipher after, where artists get the opportunity to be on the big stage and spit some bars over a T Major beat. When you go to an event that T Major is a part of, he is often an event onto himself. Usually having his photographer Keisha, or videographer CeeRistopher, besides having other DJ’s and artists, rolling with him. T Major is the Mr. Rogers of Toronto, everybody knows him, and it’s always a beautiful day in the neighborhood. T Major is often found smiling, laughing and cracking jokes. Never one to take himself too seriously.  You know when T Major is in the room because it looks like a presidential handshaking event, similar to the videos of former President Barack Obama. T Major takes the time to greet everyone as he passes through every event.

T Major is a hard worker and is always looking for the next opportunity to showcase his talents and abilities. I am happy to share that one of his upcoming projects is my EP entitled “Major Moves” a four track project that T Major produced, We recently went to 4 Sounds Recording Studio, to work with Mailman, to record all four tracks. During the process of creating the Major Moves EP, T Major and myself have also gone go karting, to a pool hall, and also to The Spaghetti Factory restaurant, and Eggsmart for some team brainstorming and food excursions. During the production phase, we would hold regular sessions at T Major’s production studio to create the music instrumentation that would become the Major Moves EP. It was an inspiring, yet eerie experience, as we were both often on the same page, and able to create a body of work that we are both proud of that we will be pushing and promoting very soon. “Major Moves” is a play on our shared goals, and T Majors name.

Never one to shy away from pictures, T Major can often be found taking pictures and creating promo videos. An avid promoter, T Major constantly pushes and promotes his brand, ensuring that every artist, promoter, and venue knows who he is.

To keep in contact with T Major and see what he is working on next, or where he will be at his Contact info is @therealTMajor or


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