BUSINESS: Creating a Free Personal Assistant for Your Business Part I


By Tina Dietz
December 18th, 2013 Edition

Ooooooooo…yeeessssssss! Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? With all our big plans and spinning the plates of multiple priorities like we do, many business owners, coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs of all stripes CRAVE having an assistant. At some point in your business development, expanding your team to include an assistant (if you haven’t already) is going to be a necessity. In the meantime though, I’m sharing with you a 3 part series on how to turn your smartphone into your free personal assistant.

In this Episode: Get your phone to “take a letter” for you:

Voice recognition software is the best thing since sliced bread as far as I’m concerned. After all, our good ideas rarely happen at our desks when we’re at the computer! Capture your ideas for articles and blog posts, programs and courses and books, write mails, jot to do lists, and even post to social media using voice recognition. Here’s my two favorites on my phone…

Siri (iPhone)

Siri takes direction very well, and you can use her pretty much anywhere in the iPhone environment. Did you know that you can add punctuation as you’re talking? Try it! Open an email, text, or a new Note, tap the microphone icon, and clearly say, “Every day comma in every way dot dot dot I’m getting better and better period smiley face.”

Go hog wild reading your manifesto into the Notes function on your iPhone!

Dragon Dictation (iPhone or android)

Dragon makes the best known voice recognition software in the world, and they’ve been doing it for a long time. Download the free app for your phone and use it to get your thoughts down and send business communications or post to social media. Speaking the punctuation doesn’t work, but the handy edit function takes care of that and allows you to directly post what you’ve written to Facebook, Twitter, email, a text message, etc.

Go give it a try, have fun with your new assistan.


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