BUSINESS: Creating a Free Personal Assistant for Your Business Part III


By Tina Dietz
January 15th, 2014 Edition

Relationships are the lifeblood of all business. You don’t gots people, you don’t gots NOTHIN’. But as your network grows, how do you keep up with and keep track of your network? I’ve covered tips on how to network, how not to network, and having an appreciation system for your network before because I love it and networking is one of the gifts I love to share the most. HOWEVER, keeping up with your network and continuing to develop high value relationships can be time consuming.

Now that your phone, er, free personal assistant is taking notes, emails, and ideas down for you, and helping you expand your network and clean up your desk, we want to take it a step further and bring your appreciation system to your phone.

Let’s say you get out of a meeting and you want to send a thank you follow up, or you find out over lunch that one of your colleague’s kids has just gotten into the college of their dreams. You KNOW that if you wait to go buy and send a card it’s going to cut into your other, high dividend activities.

Skip the trip and use the Send Out Cards app on your phone.

This is a simplified, free app version of Send Out Cards, which I’ve lavished love on before because of its usefulness in marketing and appreciation systems. With the phone app, you can pick from a card catalog by topic, write a note, and send the card to any phone contact in just a minute or so.

If you don’t have a Send Out Cards account and want to give this a shot, you can go to and send 2 cards anywhere in the US with my compliments, because that’s how I roll. (**yes, I love it so I’m an affiliate)

Automation and having great systems are crucial keys to freedom in both business AND life! What systems work for you? What do you wish you had? Share it, sing it, rant about it on the Blog..just remember to play nice.


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