The way we are able to communicate has changed over the years, wouldn’t you agree?

We have access to so many things in this day and age, from text messages to emails, to Facebook Messenger, to tagging someone on Instagram stories to video conference calls to “Facetiming”.  However, if you think about it how often do you hear people saying call me? Or even better how often do you pick up the phone these days?

It’s really interesting once we start to analyze this in our lives. I’m not that old but I still remember the days where you played outside until the sun went down and you didn’t think about phoning your friends, you just knocked on doors and asked to play. It’s such a changed world, which is definitely ok, because the world needs to evolve, but does the loss of human touch need to diminish also?  We of course still have video conferencing, which at a distance is a super cool tool to be able to see the people we are communicating with, especially when we can’t be together at that time.

So, I ask you today, in your life, if you take a look at your mode of communication and the way that you communicate, are you actually spending time and doing quality communication with the people in your life. Do you make the phone calls to wish them Happy Anniversary or Birthdays?  Do you sit and talk with people and actually have one to one time anymore in your life? 

If you don’t then why not?  Why are we releasing or not standing inside of the space when it comes to communication and honoring those relationships?  You know, I find when my intuition picks up, it says, “You need to contact this person,” there’s still a part of me that says “Oh I’ll just send off an email,”  Sometimes emails seem quicker or I make up the excuse that hardly anyone picks up the phone anymore, but really, it’s so much easier some days to express ourselves when we pick up the phone.   

So, with that being said, I challenge you this week to start picking up the phone, to start having those communication conversations. Why don’t you start standing in the space and moving forward when it comes to this. If you’re not used to it, that’s ok, it’s a whole new ball game for you. There is always a  learning curve when you are starting new things. Start small, take small steps and start making those calls and start reaching out to those people. Use your voice to communicate and relate. Just remember it’s a way for you to continue to build the solid relationships in your life.


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