Humankind’s main motivation is to seek and experience personal freedom



I recently picked up the book The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. Phenomenal read by the way in case you are looking for a great book to read. In the first chapter of the book, he outlines our human need for freedom. Freedom in all avenues, not just in money. As I reflect back on my life I believe this to be true. I really feel that human expression and being ourselves is a part of being free. It’s about letting go the illusions of what others think of us and owning our space. It took me a long time, (well it feels like a long time) to see this in my own life.

Have you ever been in the position where you caught yourself trying to be something that you are not? Let me give you an example in my life. I used to wear masks alot when I first started networking to try and be what others wanted. “Oh, sure I can be the quiet, shy girl in a room”. “Absolutely I can do that for you” (Not knowing at all what they are talking about) “Of course I will wear the lipstick you tell me and certain types of clothes” There is one thing to strive to be better, there is another to live in a space of never feeling enough and that was definitely me. I thought that in order for you to like me I had to be what you thought I was, instead of just who I am.

So, today I ask you where do you get to experience personal freedom? Where in your life do you need more of it? It might be in the way you parent your kids, the way you do your hair, in the music you listen to or in the personal branding of your business. Personal freedom shows up in many forms for us, in many different ways. A conversation that has been coming up a lot lately with some of my clients about this subject is taking time for personal freedom. When you want a Netflix and chill day but feel guilty about taking the time for yourself, where is your personal freedom in there? We sometimes feel guilty for doing things that represent our personal freedom. So, I say to that, “Do the things that you want to do”. Now I don’t say that in a way that you detriment other things, that you fluff off responsibilities or that you lose integrity, but in a way that you make sure that you are a priority in your life and you own that space when you need to take it.

We are often the last on our totem pole, not on purpose most days but it appears that way. I ask you this week “Where can you take more time, create more of, or just be in your personal freedom”. You are unique, keep shining on and I can’t wait to see what you stand in.


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