Crushing it Out



So it’s already February, we’re almost two months now into the 2018 year and I can’t believe that it’s we’ve already gotten this far.  We are almost done the first quarter of the year, that’s crazy to even think that’s how fast time goes by. Really though what have you achieved this year? Some of us are out crushing our goals, getting things done and some of us are still trying to gain momentum.

I ask you a question today, the goals or resolutions that you set at the beginning of January, are you on track?  Are you in alignment on making those things come forward?  Did you implement the processes or the changes that you needed to make in order to honour those goals? 

A lot of us probably haven’t made the movement we thought we would and we’re sitting back looking at the date going, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s been that long.” I have mentioned this before in other articles about setting up your day on a daily basis and if you are looking at the date of the year going “Oh man” then most likely you haven’t been, so I ask you the question “How are you crushing out every single day in your life to the maximum degree that you want to or can?”

You know, all of us have different goals; some of us have weight loss goals, some of us have goals for relationships, and all of those goals are important but it requires us to have daily focus on those goals in order to keep moving them forward.

You know, I imagine if you’re reading this article that you’re not content with staying at the exact same place that you’re in in your current life.  I just posted a weekly video this week talking about learning new things.  We are either growing or we’re dying.  And what I mean by that is not that we’re actually dying, but we can’t technically stand still.  So we either are moving forward or we’re moving backwards in life.  That is just the reality of it.

So I ask you the question today when it comes to you crushing out your year or your month, or your week, what can you do on a daily basis to make sure that you’re aligning that?

And it literally could even be a five minute or a 30-second activity in your day that will help get you closer to that goal.

So today’s article, I challenge you to start aligning your day so that you can be crushing out your year and making 2018 that year that you say, “I did this.  I landed that.  I got that.  And I am exactly where I wanted to be by the end of this year.”

Hope this helps, and until next time…


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