Refining Your Talents



So, all of us have come to this earth with some key abilities in life.  Some of us are great singers, golfers or mathematicians.  All of us have these talents inside of us.  Sometimes they scare us and we decide to hide from them and other times we start to refine them, learn new things about them and move through them in the space.  We can see by looking around us consistently all the time there are people all over the place that are refining those talents. Those musicians, singers, actors, actresses, athletes, you know all of these entrepreneurs starting up businesses, you know the carpenters and the artists of the world.

There’s so much talent all over that it is actually very intense if you think about it. 

So, I ask you today, “What are some of your key talents?  What are some things that you naturally are great at? You know you can just pick up something and start to roll with or learn really fast and you didn’t really think about having to learn that?”

One of my highest forms of genius is music and sound coordination.  I hear music, if I would have taken singing lessons I might be able to sing music really well.  I can play instruments, I’ve played five different instruments in my life, and I pick up instruments really fast because I hear the music. That’s why I started teaching aerobics back in the day. That is a talent that was something that I didn’t have to really learn, it was already inside of me that I was able to, once I understood, refine that.  I could practice, pick up different things, hone in on that talent.

So, I ask you today, “What is it for you?”  Maybe you have a dance ability, and maybe all you need to do is start getting back into dancing or letting your body move to be able to get connected to yourself. You know there’s key things inside of you and maybe you’re at a place where you have no idea what that is. 

Some questions to ask yourself in order to try and kind of align this or figure this out is, “Was there ever a time in my life where I was really happy, and what was I doing?  Was I really excited about something, and what did that look like?  Was I ever inside of any curricular activities as a kid that I really got connected to?”  It might even be asking your parents, “Mom, what do you think I was good at when I was five years old?  Throughout school do you remember me being really connected to something?”  That might be the start of you guys finding out where those talents lie and then creating a plan to refine them.  As I have mentioned before taking time for yourself is a key thing in balance, so consider doing that for yourself. 

So, this week, I ask you to refine your talent, figure out what it is you’re great at and keep shining your bright light on the world.


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