The Elephant in the room



Is there something in your life that you’re avoiding?  Is there a conversation with a colleague or with a loved one that you haven’t had because a) you’re scared that you might hurt them  b) you might be scared of how they’re going to react and c) it’s actually going to take you a lot of strength to be able to confront that person in your life.

We’ve all been in this type of situation and I call that situation, “The Elephant in the Room.”

It’s like that energy when you walk into a room and that person is there or that situation is dominant, and you don’t say anything about it. I really feel it’s time in our lives for us to start confronting these situations. Now I’m not talking from a way of anger or frustration but more from a way of just communicating. The longer we wait to communicate challenges that we have or opposition or to stand up for ourselves, the heavier it gets, the more weight is on it and the more courage it takes for us to stand in it. Instead, we should just be addressing things as they come up.

You know I really think that we as a society, based on our instant gratification and the technology we have, we have almost lost the way when it comes to communication. I think it’s more important in our lives today than it’s ever been for us to communicate. Communicating our needs, communicating our values and communicating our standards. It’s not ok for us to not speak up anymore and address the elephant. You hold posture and worth when you do. Again, I am not saying to yell or scream, in fact presenting and being ground will get you way further.

So today I ask you, “The elephant in your room, or the elephant in the room at your work: when and why and how are you going to confront that?  When is it time for us to stop having to hide or to cower inside of rooms where we can walk in? Are you ready to shine every single day?”

So, this week I ask of you, and if you need some help with this you can always check out my YouTube page because there’s a video on it there, but I ask of you this week to stand inside of that space. To turn your elephants into tigers and to address the issues that are looming in your life that are holding you back.

Have a great week.


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