Preparing in chaos



We all have lives as humans that bring forth chaos, it’s enviable, unfortunately.  It may not be consistent all the time but every once in a while we get put into positions where things just get all muddled up, you know, shaken to the core. Plans change and things get wiped out.  What we think is going to happen doesn’t and we’re put in situations with a lot of chaos.

So, I ask you a question today, “How are you preparing for chaos in your life and setting yourself up to be able to handle it better?” That could mean having a savings account, that could mean emergency funds, that could mean having a way that you deal with chaos from a mindset perspective. 

Well, today I wanted to share with you a couple of tips in order to help and assist with chaos; 

  1. Always carry some extra gift cards in your car; for gas, for some groceries, for the main essentials that you would normally use and endeavor in every day or every week. This will allow you if you ever get into a financial chaos or into a stressful situation (like forgetting your wallet) you will have the essentials to get what you need.
  2. In mindset, always prepare yourself for what you would do inside of times of chaos; breathing, grounding, taking a few minutes to just sit inside of things and not react with emotion but to come from a more logical place. Use your intuition to align what the next steps are going to be instead of moving in front of things in this chaotic state all the time. The more we can sit with ourselves in silence or quietness, the more we get answers inside of our space.
  3. Have a support team in place that you can count on, that you can call to talk about things, that you can rely upon to support you and be there for you. It could be someone that could pick up your child, or you could call a friend if you’re ever in need for car repairs, or you ever need to vent, you know which people in your life you can call to do that to be able to move through chaos quicker. Support teams are a really big key piece.

So those are three tips today to be able to plan through chaos. Obviously, it’s really hard to plan chaos when it comes to scheduling it and stuff because chaos is chaos.  But the better we can deal with it as people and honour the chaos and understand that we are going through learning or that things happen sometimes for reasons, the more we can get through it quicker and easier.

So, I wish you today a day full of amazing planning and I hope that you’re not going through chaos today, but if you are, that you get through it quicker!


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