Following Your Intuition



Have you ever felt like you have heard a little voice inside of your head or you get that gut feeling inside of you that’s telling you to do something or to not do something?  That’s what we call your intuition. 

It happens in circumstances all throughout our day. Sometimes we don’t even recognize or realize that it’s happening. One of the more predominant feelings when it comes to intuition is when you’re about to get into some trouble.  So, let’s just say you get that “irky” feeling when you’re walking down a back alley, or you have a feeling about someone and you’re like, “Oh, maybe I should turn the other way.”  That is our intuitive feeling coming out, teaching us or helping us to be able to see things before some stuff happens.

It happens all the time in our personal lives and also in business.  If you take a look at certain circumstances that we go through, certain questions we have about life or certain circumstances that we have when it comes to decisions we need to make, our intuition is the thing or the feeling that comes up first. It’s that, “Should I or shouldn’t I?” and it’s usually, almost always, like 99%, I would even be close to saying 100% of the time, the first intuitive feeling that we have. The more that we can follow that feeling, the more that we can honor it and the more that we can bring it forward will allow us to make more decisions and better decisions in alignment with our purpose and plan in life.

Intuition shows up in all different aspects.  It shows up with how we relate to people, it shows up with how we relate to clients and how we relate to our job.  The more intuitive we are the better connected we can become. So, when you hear that, “Maybe you should write that paragraph,” or “Maybe you should finish that report,” or “Maybe you should send out that email to that client” it will allow you to move in flow and align things.

You know, some of the key things that show up for me is when I think about somebody that I haven’t seen or talked to in a long time and it says, “You should reach out to them,” and sometimes in my day I go along and just go, “I’ll get to that later,” instead of sitting and just sending them a message. It takes five seconds to send out that message because usually when that happens to me, those people need some help, they’re looking for assistance, they have been meaning to reach out to me, all of those things start to happen.

So, the more we can start to feel and follow that feeling, the more we can be in alignment with our overall goals and plans and be more in connection with what we’re here to do and our community that we’re supposed to outreach to. 

So, like every week, and every time you read my article; I challenge you to adjust or to add this to your space and start following that little voice inside your head. That little voice will start to get stronger and stronger and those feelings more dominant the more that you start to listen. And trust me, life with intuitions makes it a whole lot easier.  Here’s to another great week!


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