Your Definition of Greatness

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As I sit and ponder life today, I ask myself, “What is my definition of greatness?”

You know I’ve been through tons of experiences as most of us have. We take a look at the small things inside of our life that add up to larger things, that then add up to this moment in time. I think greatness for me is about taking the courage every day to continue to move forward. It’s about defying the odds. It’s about pushing boundaries.  It’s about doing things that scare you. It’s about surpassing that little voice inside your head that says “I don’t think it’s possible” “There is no way you are getting that done” “No one else has, so why do you think you can.” Greatness comes in those moments where our knowledge, meets our courage and they come together to manifest this beautiful result.

You know greatness inside of each of us is about exploring and diversity. It’s about challenging our beings, our thinking, our mindset, to achieve new things. It’s about doing those things that when you look at it, you go “Wow, that’s great.”

You know what’s interesting as I sit and ponder the word “greatness”, I could compare it to athletes, visionaries, the Mother Theresa’s of the world, the firefighters that jump into burning buildings or those mountain climbers that climb the biggest mountains in the world. You can also take a look at people that have done certain things in their life, the ones we give them accolades for and it’s all about, how did they get there? You know they took one small step after one small step to achieve. They learned a new skill, they acquired new knowledge, they moved things through; they just kept going. I have been listening to a podcast by Lewis Howes called “The School of Greatness” where he interviews all these great people. All of them come from different walks of life, different industries, different arenas but they have a few things in common. They didn’t give up on their desires and dreams. They had the courage to stand alone if that’s what it took. They had laser focus and kept executing, especially when people said they couldn’t and lastly they just believed it would happen. Of course, they had their challenges, don’t we all.. but the sign of true greatness, they eat the challenge for lunch! 

So, I say to you today, “What does greatness mean to you?  How do you define greatness?  And how are you going out every day to achieve greatness in your life?”  Each of us has our own definition. 

So, as I sit quietly today, contemplating greatness, I ask myself the questions, “Everyday are you being great?  Everyday are you pushing new things forward, helping new people out and maneuvering through new information to make sure that you’ve aligned with your greatness?”

So today I wish you to be “great!”


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