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“New year, new healthy me.” The ringing in of another year is always a time to reflect and refresh. Being the health nerd that I am, I like to play a little game predicting what the next health trends are going to be for the year ahead. If you’re a person that likes to be in the know, take note because this naturopath is placing her bets on the biggest health trends of 2017.

Bean based pastas and cereals are about to hit grocery shelves near you. Beans have the carbohydrate content to be used in place of a starch, but the protein, high fibre and low cost of beans make them perfect for food manufacturers to use them in creative ways. Naturally gluten free, beans are old favourites that are about to become a lot more hip. I bought a chocolate bean cereal for my eight-year-old step-son from Metro and he loved it!

Natural makeup and hair care is going to expand as an industry. Women are really driving the market when it comes to healthy living. And increasingly, women are becoming conscious of what they put in and on their bodies. If you can condition your hair, moisturize your face and use makeup that doesn’t have any scary ingredients in it, why wouldn’t you?

Plant waters are going to be expensive, but healthy ways to hydrate yourself after a hard workout. Vegetables and fruits naturally have a high water content. And the water residing in the plant is a reservoir for antioxidants and vitamins. Extracting and bottling this water is going to provide a tasty alternative to Gatorade. From artichokes to watermelon expect to see waters beyond coconut hit grocery store shelves.

Move over kale and avocados my prediction for the next “it” produce is going to be beets. Beets have a crazy amount of antioxidants and vitamins. You can dehydrate them and make chips, you can slice them and add them to salads in lieu of berries for a sweet kick. Purple cauliflower, purple kale and purple potatoes are also going to grow in sales as well. Purple is the new green.

Do you know what a flexitarian is? Someone who eats mainly a plant based diet with a little organic meat thrown in for good measure. Healthy eaters are going to have a new way to annoy everyone with yet another ridiculous label. Just kidding – sort of.

Part of what’s driving this flexitarian trend is that plant food is about to get a whole lot tastier for carnivores. Love meat? Well there are now burgers that bleed like regular meat. And jackfruit is offering a meaty alternative to beef that vegetarians and meat lovers can both enjoy. Vegetarian meat alternatives are going to get much more savoury. No more dry, crumbly chickpea patties.

Did you know that grocery stores waste billions of dollars yearly because they have to throw away “ugly’ produce? I’m not talking mouldy, spoiled veggies, just awkwardly shaped fruit. I’m guilty of trying to pick the prettiest apples and most gorgeous oranges. But “ugly” fruit needs love too. And we certainly shouldn’t be wasting good food. This misshapen produce is going to be embraced for 2017.
Whether you embrace these new trends or not, I’m wishing all of our readers great health in 2017. After all, health is wealth.


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