How to Keep Motivated in the Summer



So, it’s summertime now, barbeques are happening, events with friends and social events are well under way. Are you, like most people feeling less motivated to get things done, like work? Or are your goals still in place for summer that you’ve been wanting to achieve but sometimes you aren’t feeling that motivated to get things done to make sure you are still on track.

Well here are few tips for you to stay motivated this summer:

Tip 1: Be social

We attend a bunch of social events throughout the summer get out there and meet people. Talk to everybody you know. Get out there and have conversations and make new friends.  Attend those events, don’t shy off from attending them because they’re more social.  Go and be social. 

Tip 2: Get outside

When we are in the sun and breathing the fresh air we can get motivated just from that experience. If you have a workout goal why not join a boot camp that’s in the park or go to Tai Chi in the park. Go for walks. I’m taking my dog for three walks a day in this kind of weather and we’re walking together. 

Tip 3: Work outside

Is there a way for you to do some of your work from outside?  Is there a way for you to ask your boss if you can bring your computer out to the picnic table that’s in the yard for an hour a day and soak up the sun rays so you feel like you’re actually outside and more motivated to be at work?  It might be about just getting outside for your lunch break to be able to honour that time for you. Get creative on soaking up some rays this summer, even when you have other obligations. 

Tip 4:  Relax

Take your weekends to garden, relax, lay out your lawn chair, go to the beach, rent a cottage. Whatever way summer can give you relaxation take it. The more relaxed we allow ourselves to be, the more connected to the goals, our work we will be when we get back from that relaxing time.

Tip 5:  Go explore

Go to events, festivals, concerts in the park. Be available this summer for new things, to explore new events and to meet new people. You never know who you might meet.   

These tips will keep you in momentum with your goals but in a new way. It will remind you that summer is a time to soak up the rays, especially with Canadian winters, it’s that time to get out. It’s time to make your summer happen, to seek adventure and most of all connect with yourself. Most of us set big goals every year, just to see if we can hit them. Don’t lose momentum this summer… Keep on track!   


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