Managing Time

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Have you ever felt like time was crumbling through your fingers?

Do you feel like you’re racing the clock to try and just get stuff done?

We are all human so I’m sure you’ve experienced this at least on one occasion in your life before.  Whether you work in a job, you’re in a business, you’re a stay-at-home mom, we all feel this weight of time in our lives.  So how do we create skills and abilities to be able to manoeuvre through time, to honor time, but to set ourselves up for success?

Consider these:

  1. Scheduling yourself efficiently. Take a look at your schedule, outline certain tasks and how long they’re going to take and then block off time to do those tasks.  That could include driving somewhere and if you could connect certain tasks together to save time in that area while are driving through.  It makes things a lot quicker as everything is now in alignment.
  2. Doing the tasks that are really in connection with who you are and allowing other people potentially to take on the stuff that you’re really not that good at. If we’re always doing tasks that we’re not that great at or that we have a lot of weakness in you will waste time. It takes a lot longer for us to do those tasks as our brains are not wired that way. So, allow other people to do some things for you. I know that sometimes goes against our grain or goes against what we’ve been taught about creating strong weaknesses, but it’s really important if everybody can stand inside of themselves and own their key talents and characteristics and hire out, collaborate with or find other people to do some of the other work, it will allow for us to have more energy and more time in our space to accomplish the things that we really need to get done.
  3. Taking breaks. Like I talked about in my last article about honoring ourselves and taking some breaks inside of our space in order to recuperate energy, to get back in alignment. Honor that time and take it.
  4. Do we really need to be taking all this stuff on?  Are there some things in our life that we can drop out to make more time for others, or to balance our time better?  Do you have some time “sucking” activities in your life that seem to drain all your energy? Why do you do them?  Start to prioritize your tasks and know that it’s ok for you to say no sometimes, honor yourself.

The last thing that I want to leave you with is that time is our most precious commodity.  Some people might argue with me that money is, but money is a value of time.  So, if we’re wasting “time” or mismanaging time or we aren’t honoring time, we are putting more money out the window than it is that we can make.

Hope you’re having a great one and we’ll talk soon.


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