Out to The Universe and into The Prayer Jar

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How many times have you “put something out into the Universe” to receive, only to be disappointed when your delivery never showed up? Have you been down on your knees praying for something, only to wonder when your prayers will be heard and answered? Most people will attribute this to these external sources refusing to deliver or not receiving the requests. You will either be devastated or elated to find out, that simply is not true.

When we put something out to the Universe, its role is to match your energetic vibration. It doesn’t judge, it doesn’t decide, it doesn’t evaluate, it just simply matches your vibration. Imagine asking the Universe for an apple, but your energy is vibrating an orange, you are going to get an orange not an apple. One of the most common things people ask the Universe for is money. If you are asking for more money, but your energetic vibration is a match to your lack of money, that is what will show up for you…the lack of money.

So the good news is that you have the power to create what you see in your life and you and only you can take credit for that. The other news is that the credit for what you are creating whether desired or undesired completely belongs to you and only you. This can get controversial because people will say why would I create illness or harm to come to me and we are not saying that you are actively seeking to create those things. As someone who was sexually assaulted I can assure you, I never attempted to create this, however my lack of confidence, lack of boundaries and lack of feeling believable, attracted a predator. It is our energies that lead us to the events that we experience.

Next we have our prayer jars or prayer practices. Very often, I will hear clients talking about how hard or frequently they have been praying for something. I often ask them when they stopped having faith, trusting and believing in whomever it is that they are praying to and their ability to deliver. This generally prompts a puzzled look followed by their heads profusely shaking no and them saying, “I haven’t”, to which I reply then “why are you doubting that the answer to your prayer is not on it’s way, being aligned above in order to bring you the most optimal result?”

Much like the Universe, those you are praying to are there to respond to your requests and do so in divine timing. Imagine the last time you went to a restaurant for dinner, you likely placed your order with the server and passed the time waiting for your meal having a conversation, enjoying a cocktail or listening to the music.  Did it ever occur to you that the chef would not deliver your meal? That although you ordered it, when you looked up two minutes later and it had not come out yet, did you worry that this food was just not coming and decide that you maybe needed to order harder or again and again? Probably not.

When placing a request out to the Universe or sending a prayer up above, the most important thing is to remain aware and focused on your levels of joy and lightness. Many of us think when we get the things we desire we can be happy. Take a thirty day challenge to focus on, engage in and take action in things and thoughts that bring you to a light and happy place daily and then sit back and await your deliveries from the Universe and beyond.


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