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As a third generation intuitive and healer, I have connected with the Angelic Realm. The word Angel means “messenger” and the Angels work is to guide and assist you throughout all areas of your life. They send you signs, keep you safe until it’s your time to go, guide us with our health, relationships, careers and finances. A lot of people think Angels actually do things for us, but in fact they respond to our free will choices and our requests. They cannot just make things happen without being asked.

As such, often times our Angels feel underutilized, as many of us feel like we shouldn’t ask for small stuff. Again this is another myth. Angels are working with infinite Universal energy, which allows them to multi-task and assist in more than one place at the same time. They know that sometimes it is the small tasks and challenges in life that can create the most stress or lead to greater stresses, so they are more than happy to contribute to you regardless of how trivial or grand the issue may be.

People often ask me if their loved ones who have passed serve as their Guardian Angels. The answer is no. As mentioned in my previous columns, those who have passed on still retain their ego and as such are not as high of a frequency as the Angels or able to give guidance without their own personal opinion attached to it.

Throughout the years of my practice, it has been shown to me that each of us has two Guardian Angels. One tends to be more of a protective, warrior type energy and the other, a soft and nurturing type energy.  While the former may be associated with masculine energy, the Guardian Angel is not always a male figure and the latter, while seeming more feminine in energy, does not always present in a female figure.

Your Guardian Angels are there for you to call upon at anytime. In addition to these two guides, you may also call upon additional Angels for any specific areas of assistance, such as finance, health and love or everyday things like, traffic, travel and parking spots. As someone who travels frequently, I have called upon the Angels to get to places on time and safely.  I can recall a day when I was driving in from Burlington to Toronto for a class I was taking. I didn’t allow enough time for the traffic and I was going to be late. I asked the Angels to assist me so that I would be on time for the class. The traffic continued to be heavy and ultimately I arrived after the start time. When I got into the class expecting to see it already in progress, I was surprised to see that it had not yet begun.  It turned out the instructor was well on her way and then all of a sudden was caught in traffic herself causing the class to have to start late and allowing me to be on time for class as I had requested.

I have learned over the years to allow the Angels to fulfill my requests in any way possible.  Had I asked for the traffic to clear, that might not have been possible but asking simply to arrive on time for class was possible. So when you are sending out requests, take the time to focus simply on your desire, rather than how your desire has to come to you. This way, you allow the Angels to use all the energy and conspire with the Universe to deliver you the most optimal result. So the next time you find yourself in need of an Angel, simply ask, believe and receive.


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