The Case for Mentorship

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Mentorship is an important aspect for success and building one’s team. Be it in music, entertainment, business, and personal goals. I would like to show you three important reasons why mentorship is necessary for success. The first reason is that your mentor is usually some type of expert, or has excelled in their field, which allows them to give you unique training. The second reason is that mentorship offers ongoing guidance and accountability. And lastly, mentorship creates access to opportunities and new networks. It is my hope that after reading this article you will understand the urgency of mentorship, and how it can turn the tide of opportunities towards success for your aspirations.

Through mentorship, you now have access to one on one training, with a professional in your field. Mentors have great insights towards the path that you should take and can offer you advice throughout the length of your career. Utilizing the lessons they have learned through their successes and their failures. This provides a unique advantage for your career, as you can be aware of pitfalls, and potential roadblocks for your career before they happen.  Mentorship provides a potential road map, by training you with the ability to foresee potential problems, and opportunities based on the experience of your mentor.

Having a mentor creates an avenue for ongoing guidance and accountability. What I mean by this is, mentorship is an ongoing thing. You set up weekly or monthly appointments with your mentor, then you set up goals, and strategize over how you can measure your success, as well as evaluate on where things may need to change. It provides accountability by having someone that you meet with regularly, to update on your progress, and hold you accountable, which in turn makes you not want to slack off, so you can make your mentor proud, and look good when they brag about you to their associates. The accountability factor really helps if you are one of those last minute creative types. This also creates room for new habits that will build you up for success.

Having a mentor provides unique opportunities and new networks. In terms of opportunities, because your mentor is already a professional you can access the networks that they have built lasting relationships with. They also may know of upcoming events or potential opportunities for you to showcase your brand, or maybe even someone that is making a movie. The best part is when you have a mentor they can put in a good word for you and make things that may not have been possible, into something possible for your career. Through mentorship, you are given the opportunity to network with professionals and business people, that you may not have had access to when you do everything on your own. Often times, as I have seen in my own career my mentors have been able to personally introduce me to people that would directly benefit my career or specific ventures that I was working towards. The great thing about mentorship is you don’t have to have just one, you can have a few mentors, and each has a speciality that can provide you with ongoing benefits that will impact your careerbubuilding 

Mentorship is an important asset for success. Through mentorship, you are put on the fast track and given a road map that can help you manoeuvre your way to greatness. Many of the people that we admire and look up to are where they are because somebody believed in them and mentored them. So, to sum it up, mentorship provides one on one training with a specialist in their field, it gives you access to ongoing guidance and accountability, and lastly, it provides opportunities and new networks. Mentorship it is the opportunity to have someone that has already walked the path, guide you on the road.


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