Soca Artist Slammer Cutter putting T.O on the Map

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The life of a Soca artist seems like it might be the best time of your life, filled with endless days of parting that’s never done. The truth of the matter is that it brings long days filled with hard work and competition, as the field is filled with well known and highly experienced performers that have been making a name for themselves with their music recognized worldwide.

Big name in the business Stephon Mark, also known as Slammer Cutter, has been in the game for just over ten years releasing hit singles like Hangover, Bad Weather, No Scene, Mash Up and his newest release for 2016 ‘Oh Gosh’.

Coming from the island of Soca, Trinidad & Tobago, with a love and passion for the culture of his homeland, Stephon brought Soca to Toronto when he migrated here at the age of nineteen. Though he has faced many challenges over the years his passion to make music and the ability to put together hypnotizing song lyrics drives him to produce songs to get people hot and groovy.

Stephon had taken a little break, taking some time off working on developing his career, but never forgetting the Soca scene waiting for him in the background. After taking care of his other responsibilities, he is back and ready to take over the world. Recently back from Trinidad where he was filming a music video for his new single ‘Oh Gosh’, Stephon says that his determination and passion is what fuels him to take his Soca to the international level. With Carnival 2016 just around the corner, Soca artists are banding together to keep up to date in the latest trends in Soca music, creating new and unique sounds to match the ever changing market and maturing Soca developments.

Although he was born in Trinidad & Tobago, Stephon takes pride in being a citizen of Toronto representing the 6ix everywhere he goes. He wants people to recognize that the Soca scene in Toronto is pushing out their own unique vibes and that they are a force to be reckoned with. His lyrics are inspired by his own life experiences and he is truly humbled by the reception he receives by the fans of Soca music whenever he takes to the stage.

His reputation as a down to earth, and all round great guy, comes from the fun loving and party hard personality behind his Soca tunes. His aim is to make a statement with his music, offering a little something for everyone. “I have a passion for Soca and I will continue to implement my talent as best I can. I still aspire to see this thing through on an international level.”

His unique name ‘Slammer’ comes from his aptitude to piece together lyrics and free style on the spot, while  ‘Cutter’ was implemented as a result of his parents living abroad and shipping a lot of brands for him to wear.

Looking toward the future of Soca music, Slammer hopes to get on board with a lot of the other artists in the industry to collaborate and push out some tracks. They have been working together recommending producers, how and when they should release and coming up with a plan of attack to achieve the highest rate of success. “We want audiences to come out and say yes, give us positive feedback, this is what we like and this is what we have to do to get there.

Look out for Slammer Cutter’s new video for ‘Oh Gosh’ dropping this week, just in time for Carnival 2016!


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