Solid Lipstick vs. Liquid Lipstick

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Lipsticks have been around since forever and you’re likely more familiar with these because you grew up watching your grandma or your mom wearing them. I remember when I was growing up my mother would always wear this bright red lipstick whenever she left the house, almost like a badge. It’s in recent years that a new player has entered the game in the form of a liquid. The main advantage between liquid and your standard lipsticks is that the liquid lipsticks are meant to last longer throughout the day. Other than that, there aren’t really many differences besides packaging and consistency of the products.

Lipstick comes in all kinds of finishes from metallic, through matte, glossy and sheer. 
It is available in a huge range of colors and is easy to apply and reapply through the day with the help of a mirror. Most lipsticks come in a tube with a swivel base which allows for easy application. With its waxy texture, a good lipstick will have a moisturizing effect on your lips all day. On the downside, however, lipstick will rub off as the day progresses and you will have to reapply it if you want to keep color on your lips. Plus, there’s also the problem of leaving lipstick marks everywhere. You’ll find it on the cheeks of your friends and on your coffee cup and glass and, if you’re not careful with your lipstick application, on your teeth. Oh, the horror!

Liquid lipsticks, on the other hand, tend to last longer. However, not all liquid lipsticks are the same. There are some that are shiny and almost sticky, that wear about the same or last less time than a standard lipstick. Some have a matte finish which means they can become quite drying on the lips and, depending on the quality of the product, uncomfortable to wear. Compared to your standard lipsticks, liquid lipsticks are a bit more difficult to apply as you must paint carefully and quickly before they set. Yet you need patience to wait for each coat to set before adding the top coat of gloss or another layer to get a more intense color.

They are not for you if you need to rush out of the door every day. Liquid lipsticks usually come with the little brush end like that of a lip gloss tube, the color will stay where you put it on your lips and not transfer itself to your cup or glass, and it won’t travel into any feathery lines around your lips giving you a precise edge all day. On the downside, liquid lipsticks often contain alcohol and other ingredients which have a drying effect on your lips. This is easily rectified by applying a tiny bit of moisturizing balm before applying your liquid lipsticks. Unfortunately, you must reapply that to keep up the moisturizing effect throughout the day, though you won’t need a mirror so it is quickly done. If your liquid lipstick does happen to wear off you must remove it all and start again because touch ups don’t give an even finish to the lips.

And so, which Is best for you? Well, at the end of the day it is a matter of preference. Liquid lipsticks are worth it if you are prepared to take your time getting the application right and to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day. If you love lip color but hate leaving lipstick stains on everything they are well worth the effort. Choose a quality liquid lipstick that doesn’t wear off, apply it right and you’ll fall in love with these products. Or if you simply don’t have the patience for all that extra work and the lipstick marks don’t bother you and you prefer a creamier, glossier lip then I would stick to standard lipstick in a non-matte formula.


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