The Choice Less Traveled


By Colleen Lindberg
September 10th, 2014 Edition

Throughout our lifetime, we come across what we call the gate to choice. Do you know what I am speaking about?? That crossroad in our life (that happens pretty much every moment) where we are brought into an opportunity to choose. Those hard choices, those soft choices, or even the choices we didn’t think that we chose. It’s through all these choices, big or small that our life is shaped. So I ask you today what are you choosing?

Personally it took me a while to step into the responsibility, that through my actions (and inactions… sigh) my pathway forward was shaped. It was those small bites of chocolate cake, everyday, that allowed me to gain 10 pounds. “What?? How did I gain ten pounds, this scale can’t be right??” Oh maybe it was the chocolate cake (action), not working out (inaction), drinking minimal water (inaction) and not acknowledging what I was doing (action). Through reflection of the choices I made, you can see where this equaled out the result.
Is this not true in all aspects of our lives? Has this ever happened to you where you looked at your life and asked yourself “How did I get here?” It’s the ripple effect. One small thing added together with other small things, equals a bigger thing or a shift in path.

The magic of choice. Isn’t it grand? Now what if we applied this choice into the greatness in our lives, the goals we are striving for, the relationships that we are looking to build. Wouldn’t the exponential be the same? The good added together with more good would equal better!! Yes I do believe that’s how it works, the small steps. So what good are you creating in your life? Where do you want more good? It’s time to take the initiative in that aspect of your life and shift what you want to change. It’s only through this awareness and reflection that change really happens.

So I challenge you to sit back and reflect on the things that you really want to achieve in life, whether it’s in your family, your business, your legacy or your health. Chart out what small steps it will take to achieve them and then execute.

It all starts with starting. One small thing, added together with another will eventually take you closer to where it is you want to go. Although some days the journey forward looks huge, that there is so much in front of you to do, move through or grow in, just keep moving, little by little you will get closer. I can guarantee that somewhere along the path you will look back and be in awe at how far you’ve come, not realizing the strides that you have made. Welcome to the grandest journey of your life, the right of choice. Welcome and embrace this responsibility, as it is a magical feeling that we all get to choose.

Many blessings and success are ahead of you… if you want it to be that is


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