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On Sunday, May 6th, 2017 at The Cut Connex Trade Show for the CUT Hip Hop awards, I met three outstanding young gentlemen from Montreal, by way of Haiti, Waza, Zephire, and Ace, and their Manager Kim. Together they make YGT (Youngoldteam). What impressed me most about this trio is during every artist’s performance they not only watched but were front and center showing love and support. The group is made up of vocalists Waza, and Zephire, and their producer Ace.

YGT has a love for music and a passion for life, spending time meeting and networking, and taking pictures with every artist they met. YGT has overcome a lot as two of the members were in Haiti when the earthquake happened in 2010. Reuniting in Montreal the group has been going full force on their music for the last seven years. Now on May 27th they will be releasing a new project entitled “All In”.  I asked the group some questions, and now I offer you the opportunity to get to know YGT.

How did the group first form?

“YGT is a group of three artists, Waza-J, Zephire, and Ace Rock, YGT stands for Young Old Team. We chose this name because we are young but have an old mentality in other words we are young adults. We started working, writing and performing together in high school, that’s where the inspiration came from.”

What was it like coming from Haiti to Canada?
“We really like the fact that we moved to Canada because it opened a lot of doors for us. We have had the chance to experience new cultures, which is something we really like because Canada is a very multicultural country.”

What have you been able to accomplish so far in your career? And what has been your biggest moment in your careers so far?

“So far as a group we have been able to put in place our own recording studio. We’ve produced tracks for artists in the Montreal area, and we are currently working in partnership with a film company. The biggest moment so far has been our first performance at SalaRosa a Spanish restaurant in Montreal that holds events. Behind that, we would have to say going to Toronto to perform at The Cut Connex Trade Show, for the CUT Hip Hop.”

What are some of the lessons you have learned in the music business?

“We have learned that we can’t trust anyone but trust ourselves, and we’ve also learned to be consistent and never give up. Through these valuable lessons, we have been able to start to excel in our music careers and make decisions that would create success for us.”

What are some of the adventures you have had so far as a group?

“In terms of adventure as a group we went to Haiti last year to do TV interviews and build with the community over there, and then the next adventure would be when we went to Toronto for the Cut Hip Hop Awards. We kind of decided to go at the last minute and had to get everything together very quickly to be able to make it to Toronto in time to participate in what was going on for the weekend, and then we left the same night that we performed.”

Have you had the opportunity to open for any industry artists?

“So far we haven’t had the opportunity to open for a big artist yet but soon we will. As well, we are working on being a part of a European tour. So, look out for some features coming up.”

Where can people find your music?

“People can find our music on Soundcloud (Youngoldteam) and youtube (YGT) After we release our project “All In” it will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, datpiff. etc.”   YGT Everywhere!


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