An Interview with St. Maarten’s Steel DC

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I had the opportunity to ask Steel DC of 4DH Ent some questions. Steel DC is a rapper and hip-hop artist from the island of St. Maarten.

Where does the name Steel DC Come from?

“The name Steel Dc comes from being young and wild growing up, in my neighborhood I was the BMX stunt man, always doing crazy stuff, falling was part of my life. I learned that without pain you can’t tell how strong you are, and my life was full of scars, so I called myself Steel! because steel means strong, solid and resistance. So when I started rapping I added “DC”, which stands for my last and first name [Daniel Christian], put together you have Steel DC.”

Where were you born?

“I was Born in St. Maarten, but spent time in Guadeloupe. when I returned to St. Maarten, my personal manager Pierre Hitie told me about the 4DH studio, located 10 feet away from the job. After meeting Mr. 4DH the CEO [of the studio], I scheduled a date for a recording session. The vibes and energy were amazing he was like “you’re unique you got that voice that stands out!” And the “4 Da haters entertainment” concept became my everyday Lifestyle, Team work make the dream work.”

Where did your musical Journey Start?

“My musical journey started in church. As part of a men’s choir called “the Bones brothers. Everyday after or before school, a small group of us would meet and would start to freestyle on beats, I couldn’t freestyle so I just observed until I wrote my first song and rapped for the group. They went crazy even though they didn’t understand much, but they loved the flow and the English, (cause they speak French and creole only) but that first song “tell them” went viral in the school after I recorded it.”

What has been one of your greatest experiences so far?

“Travelling To Canada was an experience that brought a lot of breakthroughs. The Connections we made with our new fan base, and the people that helped us make big steps in the music industry. Most importantly we learned the basic rules and procedures to advance our career.”

What can people look forward to?

“My first Album “L.I.F.E” (love, invest, focus, Excel). The first single from the album was released on February 3 2017 and is doing good with over 500k views on YouTube. I have a New video dropping “Why you Hating” to be released before the album drop In June. It’s one of my best solo works so far with five features and 16 tracks in total. Produced by three of my main producers: Psyco BCP, Jeeblaxx and Speechless on the track. Mixed and mastered By Recorded at 4DH Ent. Studio and will be available on 38 main popular streaming sites.”

What is the industry like in St. Maarten?

“It is hard to say there is a music industry for Hip Hop in St. Maarten. We are known for our festivals, Soca and Calypso, so they get more recognition than Hip Hop. Hip-hop stays limited to the streets.”

How important is having a team?

“A team is mandatory for success in the music industry. From paperwork to videos, to promoting and the list goes on. Like a car engine, every part has its role. So a team is a key factor for success.” 

What has been your biggest performance?

“My biggest performance to was at the Hershey Center in Canada through Sam Ash, and the Carnival Village in St Maarten for Youth Extravaganza.”

 What advice would you give to up coming artists?

“Stay consistent, the music doesn’t pay as much when you’re starting out. Temptation of fast money can get to you, but think on the consequences if you fail. So the best way to stay consistent is to live L.I.F.E, [Love, Invest, Focus, Excel] stay humble and determined.”

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