Ackee Walk: Jamaica’s First Animated Series Begins Its Broadcast



There’s no better start to the weekend for a young child than some morning cartoons. It’s even better for them when there’s something to learn mixed in with that entertainment. “Ackee Walk” an Emprezz Golding and Television Jamaica production is an animated puppet series aimed to promote the values and lessons that will develop healthy young minds, so that they may grow as leaders of a strong nation. The first season is currently airing and consists of twenty six episodes each running six minutes long on Television Jamaica on Saturdays at 10:30AM.

The show revolves around two children: Lucea and Kingston and their family and friends as they navigate their lives in this Ackee Walk community and learn about their rights and responsibilities as children. The official launch of the program in May coincides with Jamaica’s Child Month and the show hopes that children will learn important lessons such as self-identity, respect for other members of society and respect for the environment.

Ackee Walk’s producers and creators understand the importance of early cognitive development for children. They are supported by UN research that reveals why early mental stimulation should begin at home and is dependent upon factors such as parental knowledge and expertise. That is the purpose that this production revolves around: “every aspect of Ackee Walk, from the characters to the community, is a reflection of Jamaica at its best; it’s most peaceful, and functionally productive.”

To contribute to the growth of this educational project; parents, teachers and caregivers are encouraged to go to and watch some complimentary episodes, as well as complete surveys that will serve as feedback for more associated products and future Ackee Walk seasons. This is a collaborative project. Let them know about what you want your children to learn about; this show is for the benefit of the whole family. The production team is also open to investors who are interested in early childhood development. Companies and investors who would like to contribute to the growth of Ackee Walk should contact 1-876-926-5627 and ask for Emprezz Golding or email either or

Not only is this a great way for children to enjoy their educational experiences, it is also the first show of its kind to be broadcasted in Jamaica. They are here to help you mould the young minds that will grow into the leaders you want them to be. So next Saturday, start your day with your kids by sitting in front of the TV and putting Ackee Walk on and have a fun learning experience through the lens of Jamaican media and perspective.


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