Are You a Jumper or a Toe Dipper?

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Do you jump into the pool, or are you a toe dipper? Do you dabble around holding your towel and fixing your bathing suit deciding whether or not you’re even going to attempt a swim?

Last summer, I had an epiphany that swimming, in any body of water, is a metaphor for how many of us choose to face our visions. When we get to the ocean (our vision) we lay out our towel (our ideas) and get geared up for a swim (success and completion of our vision). But, something strange happens to us on our trip to the water…FEAR rears its pungent head and we begin to have second thoughts. Maybe the ocean is too deep, too cold, I’ll be in there all alone, there may be sharks and so on and so forth.

At this time in my life, I had some great and huge ideas which scared me…big time. I was scared to become great, important and successful. I, of course, masked this fear with skepticism, avoidance and complaining.

“Just jump,” my elder gently reminded me. “Just jump into the fear of your vision.”

I had a multitude of thoughts and feelings when I heard this statement… “Just JUMP?? But what if it doesn’t work?” “And, what IF it doesn’t work?” she returned the question. “I guess I’d be ok…but, what if people think I’m crazy?”  “And, what IF people think you are crazy?”… “Oh, I guess I would be ok.”

So, I began a literal practice to open my mind to the possibility of jumping through my fears and into my vision and higher layers of myself.

This practice took place at every body of water I could find…I would just jump in. No toe dipping, no body splashing, no asking those inside “how’s the water?” I would just jump in.

This practice opened me enough to really step into my vision. I still do it to this day. The water is often cold but always refreshing.

So, I have a few questions that you should ask yourself; how is fear showing up and holding you back from your vision? Are you ready to jump in? Come on in; the water is fine. Serve the world; live your vision.


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