HEALTH: The Most Common Weight Issues


By Monique Bartlett
July 3rd, 2013 Edition

The amount of people that lose weight, gain it back, lose it and gain it back, keeps growing and growing. There are many reasons for this but in fact serving size is in direct proportion to the waist line. Even eating too much of healthy foods can lead to weight gain.

Ultimately, it’s necessary combine strength training and cardio in order to increase your metabolism and burn fat. To maximize fat loss the focus should always be exercises that increase lean muscle mass and burns calories. Strength training helps promote fat loss and is important in long term weight management. Strength training increases metabolism, burns extra calories, and also burns more calories at rest.

The most common weight issues people face are that their clothes become too tight, lack of energy, blood pressure is skyrocketing, can’t sleep, cholesterol is too high, etc, etc. A weight loss goal that is set and not attainable or realistic will not be the motivator needed in order to keep moving towards the goal. Once new tools and strategies are learned to overcome negative beliefs and form new behaviours, it becomes easier to reach an ideal weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

It’s really not about what you eat; it’s about what’s eating you. Diet and exercise are important to help you reach your ideal weight however, if you don’t believe you can or will be successful, you won’t. It takes time and intention in order to get you started. Once you establish those, you can look forward to a lifestyle of health and happiness.


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