JN Canada Representative Office Opens Virtual Office in Brampton


The new virtual JN Canada Representative Office was officially opened on August 12th in Brampton, Ontario, located in the Goodison Building, at 36 Queen Street East.

Monique Broughton, Projects Coordinator, JN Canada Representative Office, said that the objective of the virtual office was to establish products and services of The Jamaica National Group in areas with a high concentration of Jamaican-Canadians.

“As the number of Jamaicans-Canadians in Brampton continues to increase, we thought that it would be beneficial to provide a convenient location to promote our products and services.”

The Brampton Virtual Office is the second virtual location to be opened, following the office which was opened in Montreal, last year.

“The Brampton Virtual Office provides the same services as our Toronto location, such as information and guidance about the products and services of all subsidiaries in the JN Group; such as the JN Bank mortgage application package; and provide all the applications to open a JN Bank’s account,” said Ms. Broughton.

The JN Canada Representative Office projects coordinator said that the feedback from customers to the recent opening has been overwhelming.

“We have received numerous visits and telephone phone calls since our opening last week; and have logged a list of appointments for this week,” she informed. “Customers expressed appreciation for the convenience of the office in central Brampton, as well as for ample and free parking.”

Ms. Broughton said that plans are in place to establish other virtual offices. “We continue to research key areas where Jamaican-Canadians reside or work and are exploring ways to take the business there,” she added.

The Brampton Virtual Office is open to members of the public, on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


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