Money and Personal Development

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How do you feel about money? Do you feel like your thoughts around money are safe and/or healthy? We are all used to the general statements like, “money can’t buy happiness” or “the best things in life are free”. These sayings usually evoke a little frustration for me because we are also told that, “money makes the world go round” and we also all know that we all NEED money. What a conundrum!

Today’s topic is on money, but mostly, personal growth. The usual rhetoric is money and professional development, but I truly believe that professional development has only a tiny bit to do with money, having it and dealing with the polar opposite ideas of its consumption in our brains.

Let’s start out with the way that we think. When it comes to money, people have all types of funny ideas attached. My own strange attachments had much to do with not feeling worthy of having lots of money and thinking that I can not be a spiritual being and have lots of money. These are strange concepts, but in my limited time on this earth, I have noticed that many people hold these odd beliefs and many others with regards to money, too.

My paradigms/the way that I thought about money, had to change. I had to and continue to have to, shift my thinking when it comes to money. This is the essence of personal development. When large sums of money would come up for me to spend (and large is a relative idea), I would immediately shut it down. First, I would think that I didn’t have the money, then I would say that I can’t afford it, then I would go into this weird shame and yucky feeling of not having enough money which, I was certain, made me less of a person. WEIRD, I know, but I am being honest-it’s a part of being able to have more money…telling the truth.

When large sums of money were expected to come my way, I would feel overwhelmed and like I would somehow lose it, or it would never actually get to me. I would think to myself, “how could I ever earn so much money?” I would literally believe that it is impossible. Without dragging myself through the mud, the feelings I had concerning money were not healthy nor were they helpful in attaining greater amounts of wealth.

So, how did I shift my paradigms? Well, to start, I had to tell myself the truth which also meant telling others around me my truth-no matter what they thought of me or how I felt that they judged me. That was really difficult, but it made me realize that I had to think something totally different if I was to gain more wealth!

Next, I started working on my craft…all the time. This seems off track, but follow me. Personally, I had to develop a habit of working hard and allowing my work to yield dividends. But, most importantly, I had to develop the practice of allowing that work to yield expansive dividends! Sometimes, I would place giant price tags on things just to allow myself to accept receiving (I started off by simply pretending) without sending it at first. Then, eventually, I grew into the concept.

Why am I telling you this? I can’t stand advice. I don’t like giving or receiving it. I wanted to share my personal truth in hopes that you can relate in some way…and perhaps tell yourself the truth about how you feel about money.

How do you feel about money? Tell the truth; it’s worth your while.


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