You Are Who You Associate With

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Associate with people who are in alignment with things that you want in life. Heard this before?

Well… I’ve learned a long time ago that the closer the people are in my life, the more I may take on their habits, choices, or mentality. If we associate with people who are really negative, or who criticize people or really judge people, it’s really hard to not take that on when you’re with them.  Have you ever tried being the bubbly person in a room completely filled with negative thoughts, attitudes, and beings? Yuck, it’s not pretty and takes a lot of effort. Then imagine, coming out of those situations, to not take that on when you’re outside of them.  It starts to become a habit in your mind, trust me, I have broken free and know.

So, take a look at the people in your life, and the people you associate with and the communities that you’re a part of, and ask yourself; are they moving you toward the goals that you have for your life?

Now, this doesn’t have to be about business, this could be about your personal life, about your health goals, or about your commitments to certain types of community groups or potentially in your religious beliefs.  Are those people in alignment with your core values that you want to have in your life?

Core values could be anything from integrity, honesty, ambition, commitment, dedication, compassion, and giving back, to name a few.  All of those qualities are values that could, or could not align with where you want to go.

So, taking a look at those key factors, when you’re making decisions about where you’re going to spend your time is an important piece in your personal development and for where you want to go.

Take a look at who are you surrounding yourself with?  Your best friends, your comraderies, the people you spend the most time with.  And are they taking you closer to the life that you want to have, or are they leading you further down a path that you may not want to explore anymore? 

Sometimes it’s just having the conversation with them that might trigger a change in their own behaviours or allow them to look at themselves differently.  But it may not be, sometimes it’s just the path continues on and unfortunately, some people don’t stay long-term in our paths. It is really hard to let go sometimes of people in our life, but I have really learned sometimes it’s even harder to keep them.

It really all comes down to you. Who you want hanging out with you, how you want to feel and really how you want to live. It might sound selfish but have you heard the line before “you can’t love someone if you first don’t love yourself.” I’ll let you ponder that one.


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